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Parent Quotes from Special Learning Books

“Children talk excitedly about the photographs in their special learning books showing the things they have done. They concentrate for long periods of time and persevere with their tasks exceptionally well. They learn and play harmoniously together and get on very well with one another.” Ofsted February 2014

“It’s great seeing how they have progressed since September and all the interesting fun things they do here. She loves coming to Tenterfield and this is such a great record of what she has been doing.”

“J looks like he’s having a lot of fun at Tenterfield. Great to see he’s so attentive and joins in the activities with so much enthusiasm. J likes to count and has been counting to 20 on his own. He sometimes asks what comes after 20 and then we count with him.”

“It’s fantastic to see L improving every term, making new friends and using more words and sentences. Overall I’m so happy with his improvement and look forward to watching him grow.”