Heads Up…07/03/23

Dear parents and carers,
 It’s going to get cold this week. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately to be both indoors and outdoors. Leggings/joggers and a T-shirt and jumper are the best attire for nursery life!
 If we have to close due to snow then we will send you an app message via your school gateway. Please make sure you have downloaded the app.

Please get your diaries to hand when you are reading this as there are some important dates for you.
Mother’s Day: at Tenterfield we like to celebrate all the special people in children’s lives, this could be a grandparent, aunt, sister or a close friend. We will have a ‘shop’ open on Friday 17th March for your child to chose a special gift to take home. We need your help to supply and stock our shop. Please could you donate one or two items, these could be smellies, chocolate, candles, etc. We need enough items for every child to be able to ‘buy’ a gift for their family. Thank you for your support. Please bring gifts in the week beginning 13th March to the school office.

On Friday 17th March would like to invite the pink group & 15hr parents in at 11.15am for a story together and a visit to the shop. Please can our 30hr parents arrive at 2.30am on the 17th March for a story together and a visit to the shop
 Easter egg hunt – On Thursday 30th March we are going to ALL (15hr & 30hr groups) go forest school for an fun Easter session. We would like to invite you to join us too. 9am-10.30am. There may even be a special visitor! 

The pink group will have their own Easter fun in our nursery garden that day too!

Garden Day: On Saturday 22nd April we will have our annual garden make over day where staff, governors and parents come together to have a ‘Spring clean’ of our garden. 10am-12pm. Please bring gardening tools. Unfortunately children are unable to attend due to having tools and equipment in the garden. You will be rewarded with bacon sandwiches and a hot drink for all your hard work. 

Forest School helpers– thank you to everyone who has signed up to come on Thursday. We would love you ALL to join us please! Please wait under the canopy at 8.55am. 

Lunches: We have noticed lots of different meals in children’s packed lunches. Please do not supply your child with food that needs to be heated / toasted or prepared by a member of staff. Unfortunately we do not have that capacity at lunchtimes. We suggest a sandwich with a suitable filling, yoghurt, fruit and a treat (like a cereal bar or biscuit.) The children have around 30mins to eat so please do not put too much food in their lunchbox as we hate waste, and some children are not managing to eat everything. No whole egg, no nuts, no chocolate, no sweets please. The BBC good food website provides lots of ideas https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/school-lunch-recipes 

Water bottles: Please make sure your child has a name water bottle everyday for nursery. No juice please. 

Coming into nursery: We have noticed children coming into nursery finishing their breakfast. Please can we ask that your child finishes this before they walk through the door, as this could be a choking risk. We have a table and chairs under the canopy for you to sit together. 

This weeks story is Superworm by Julia Donaldson: “Superworm is super strong! Superworm is super long! Watch him wiggle, see him squirm, hip hip hooray for Superworm!”

Your child may be hearing these questions this week:

Where is baby toad? Who helps Superworm?

Why is baby toad in trouble? What does Wizard Lizard want? How do the animals break the magic flower?

What would you do to rescue baby toad? Why might the bees be feeling bored? How do you know the crow is bad? Can you think of a time that you helped a friend?

We are learning these new words: squirm, wiggle, writhe, coil, twist, longer/est, shorter/est

Listen to the story here [//youtube.com/watch?v=7Jnk3XApKBg]youtube.com/watch?v=7Jnk3XApKBg

Mrs Beare

Fri 17th March

Mothers Day Celebration

Wed 29th March

National Piano Day

Thurs 30th March

Easter Egg hunt 

Fri 31st March

Last Day of Term 

Nursery Closes at 1pm

Sat 22nd April

Garden Day. 10am-12pm