Heads Up – 15/07/22

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Its been a busy, hot week. There has been lots of talk about transition and moving to primary school. Many of the children have been to visit their new schools on Thursday too! Today we had a great time in the garden with our forest school themed activities: clay tree faces, perfume/potion making and leaf printing. 

Hot Weather

The Met Office has released a red warning for extreme heat for Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July, as temperatures will build this weekend and early next week for much of England and Wales. Temperatures could be in excess of 35°C in the southeast, with Monday and Tuesday most likely to see temperatures around this level.

The red warning highlights likely adverse health effects for the public, not just limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat. Children under 4 years old and some children, young people and adults with complex medical needs and chronic conditions are potentially at a higher risk during periods of extreme heat.  

There is clear government guidance on looking after children and those in early years settings during heatwaves, including the use of ventilation, keeping children hydrated, and avoiding vigorous physical activity, encouraging children to wear loose, light coloured clothing and sunhats with wide brims, to use sunscreen, and providing them with plenty of water.

We are planning on having LOTS of water activities so please ensure your child has plenty of spare clothes. We will be doing the following to keep your children safe and comfortable: 

  • Following the government guidance ‘Looking after children and those in early years settings during heatwaves: for teachers and professionals’
  • Providing regular drink breaks & having water available in the garden
  • Ensuring classrooms are well ventilated & have fans where appropriate
  • Finding cool shaded areas, and setting up quiet places to play in the shade
  • Applying sun lotion to children who stay all day 

You need to do the following: 

  • Ensure your child has sun lotion applied prior to the session 
  • Ensure your child has a sun hat with their name in 
  • Ensure that your child wears suitable, loose clothing & appropriate footwear 
  • Ensure your child has a large, named water bottle

Unless we are directed otherwise by the local authority or the Department of Education we will be open for the core hours of the day. Our main priority is the safety of children and the ability to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. If you feel that your child will struggle in the heat and that you can keep them more comfortable at home, we will support this decision. 

Pirate week

Next week is pirate week. There will be lots of pirate themed activities. Due to the extreme temperatures please can we ask that children only dress up on Thursday 21st July as this will be our pirate party day! Ooh Arrr!! Red & Orange group are invited to stay for lunch this day. Please bring a healthy packed lunch. Collection will be 1pm for the orange and red group on Thurs 21st July. 

Sponsored Sports

We have raised an incredible £720. Thank you so much for all your support. A big thank you also to Welwyn Sports and Social Club too who donated £100 to the  nursery. We will buy another wooden Tee Pee, New garden resources & new rugs for the classroom. 

Transition Meeting

This is due to take place on Tuesday 9-10am. It is a very informal meeting with the opportunity to ask questions or chat with other parents who’s children are attending the same school. The room is small and difficult to keep well ventilated therefore we will be keeping an eye on the weather and may cancel if we feel it is too hot. Please can you email the school office if you are planning on attending so we can monitor numbers. admin@tenterfield.herts.sch.uk with the title Transition meeting.

Fri 22nd July

This is our last day of the summer term. Our 15hr children finish at 11.30. Our 30hr & wraparound children finish at 1pm. Nursery closes at 1pm. 


The ASD and ADHD transformation programme, which includes Hertfordshire County Council, NHS trusts, HPCI and local voluntary organisations, has been working hard to improve services for families and young people.

A key area of work has been ensuring you know where you can go to access support in your local area. This will hopefully help you get access to support as early as you can.

To find out more about the support available please watch this 3-minute animation or visit the Herts Local Offer. www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/autismADHDsupporthertfordshire

Finally, I cannot believe we have reached the end of this academic year. I have truly loved leading the team, meeting all our wonderful families but most importantly watching all our children play, learn, grow and develop. Tenterfield is a truly wonderful place, and this time of year gives us the opportunity to reflect and celebrate all our successes throughout the year. You must be very proud of your child (because we are!) If you are moving onto reception we wish you every success as you enter the journey into primary school. If your child is staying at Tenterfield we cannot wait for lots more adventures together next year!

Have a wonderful summer!
Mrs Beare