Heads Up…20/11/22

Dear Parents & Carers, 

We had some amazing visitors for ‘kind hands, kind words’ week. We hope you have seen some updates on Tapestry. A huge thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to share their experiences with the children. 

Xmas Holiday club: Bookings are now live for Weds 21st & Thurs 22nd Dec on School Gateway.

We have given the bespoke option of a special Tenterfield Xmas craft morning on Weds 21st for just £20. The perfect opportunity to do your Christmas food shop whilst the children are busy!

We also have an all day option 8am-4pm for £40 on both days. All bookings are made via School Gateway. Places are limited. Please book ASAP.

Please remember all children aged 3-8 yrs are very welcome, these children do not have to attend Tenterfield or St Marys, we welcome all children in our community. Please tell your friends and family. We will need new families to complete a short admissions form to enable them to book on School Gateway.

Children in Need: Thank you very much for your ‘act of kindness’ boxes filled with money. We raised an amazing £138 for Children in Need. 

Governor Visit Day: Last Friday the nursery welcomed our lovely governors into the building to talk to the children and staff. These are some of the questions, and responses from the children:

What do you like doing best at nursery?

Playing with my friends

Helping Pink Group 

What do you think the adults are here for?

To look after us, keep us safe

To make the rules

To help us

What happens if someone is unkind to you?

I tell Mrs Jackson

They talk to you and you say sorry

Why do you think you come to nursery?

Because Mummy is on holiday

Daddy goes to work

I learn things like songs

To see my friends

Are there certain activities when you have to be really careful – why?

This sparked a massive discussion but the salient points were:

You only have 2 people on the swing at once

You are careful when pushing on the swing and you stop when someone asks you too

You always wear a coat and wellies in the garden

Governor Feedback: I really enjoyed listening to the children and talking to them. I felt the vibe in the nursery was really relaxed (as much as possible for children of that age anyway!) and the staff all seemed happy and comfortable. No adult or child was short of things to do!”

Toys: We are seeing an increasing number of toys bought in from home. We do not encourage any toys to be bought into nursery please, we have plenty for your child/ren to play with. Toys and personal items can easily get lost which causes upset for the child and time for our staff having to look for lost items. Please do not tell your child to keep toys in their school bag, as we are seeing children take them out to show their friends or play with them. Thank you for your cooperation.  

Collection: We understand that the weather is deteriorating but please can we ask you to not wait under the canopy at 11.30am collection please. Please queue around the building like you do for drop off. Our pink group is in the classroom next to the canopy and it can be very distracting for the children seeing lots of adults waiting outside. Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Just talk week: Next week is just talk week. Please see what’s happening at https://www.justtalkherts.org/news-and-campaigns/just-talk-week-2022.aspx 

As part of Just TalkWeek, Watford FC CSE Trust are providing two Positive Minds; Parent/Carer workshops on Thursday 24 November at 12:30pm and 6pm.

The free workshops will focus on Managing Conflict with Children and Young People, inclusive of top tips to aid parents/carers with their approach, guidance to support through the key steps to effectively communicate, as well as providing take home resources, to support around conflict with their child/young person.

Book here:

Don’t forget we are closed for our occasional day tomorrow! See you Tuesday. 

Mrs Beare

Important Dates:

Mon 21st November Occasional Day – Nursery Closed
Thu 8th December Christmas Jumper Day
Mon 19th December Christmas Party

Nursery Closes at 1pm

Tue 20th December INSET Day
Wed 21st December INSET Day

Holiday Club Open

Wed 21st December – Thu 22nd December Christmas Holiday Club