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Vision & Aims

Our Values

Our Vision

  • To deliver high quality education in a supportive, caring and secure environment in which everyone is valued.
  • To provide a centre for the families in our community to learn, grow and play.
  • To continue to offer exceptional specialist provision for children and families with additional needs.

Our Aims

  • Including everyone, celebrating differences and similarities between people and cultures.
  • Everything we learn comes through play and fun
  • Building the foundations for a lifelong love of learning through a child led journey.
  • Learning is exciting, relevant, meaningful and irresistible.
  • Fostering a can-do attitude to help children become resilient and independent.
  • Understanding the importance of listening to each other, communicating in a kind and respectful way.
  • Ensuring that we capture and build upon awe and wonder moments in the world.
  • Nurturing well rounded and happy individuals.
  • Developing imagination, exploration, investigation and independent thinking.
  • Providing the freedom to explore and learn in an outdoor, multi-sensory environment.