When children leave Tenterfield, they have experienced an enriched, ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum in a well-structured, safe, active and challenging learning environment, both indoors and outdoors.  

  • All children have experienced an individualised curriculum that provides, exciting and enriching learning experiences and opportunities for children to learn through first hand experiences.  
  • Children learn about the world around them, experiencing and appreciating different cultures, music, dance, art and history. 
  •  Children are inquisitive and actively ask questions about their world and what is important to them. They recognise taking risks and learning from mistakes are learning opportunities.  
  • Children are skilful problem solvers and they have effectively developed their personal levels of resilience and independent learning skills.  
  • Children make excellent progress from their starting points allowing them to become successful learners and well prepared for the next stage of their education as they transition from us. We have helped children to make sense of the world around them, to develop tolerance, resilience, compassion and an understanding of their rights and the rights of others in an ever-evolving world.  
  • Children at Tenterfield are treated as individuals and leave as happy, inquisitive and successful learners, ready for the next stage in their learning journey.  

When your child joins the Tenterfield Family we will invite you to our ‘EYFS Curriculum Session’ to find out more about how your child will learn and develop.