Learning and development 

The importance of learning and development. Children develop and learn different rates. 

  • Adults sensitively engage children in ‘teachable learning moments’ (planning in the moment) 
  • First-hand experiences create a sense of ‘awe and wonder’  
  • Progression of skills underpinned by a strong understanding of child development. 
  • Pupil progress monitored and interventions identified to close gaps and provide challenge. 
  • Observations of children’s learning include the identification of the characteristics of effective learning. 
  • The promotion of British Values is firmly embedded within our own values, our curriculum and in the practice of staff Learning is celebrated and shared between home and nursery via Tapestry (Online Learning Journal) 
  • Early Literacy skills supported as children become developmentally ready. 
  • Core books and weekly story planning instil a love of reading. 
  • Professional development and a pedagogical approach to teaching is central to the development of the Staff Team. Encouraging opportunities to explore passions and interests and enhance the skills and understanding needed to support children’s learning.