Interventions & Enhancements  

  • Teacher assessment is used to notice gaps in learning and identify children who may benefit from additional intervention. Appropriate activities and learning experiences will be provided to ensure sequencing and progression is matched to individual’s needs. Our interventions include our nurture provision, Speech & Language groups and attention & listening groups.  
  • Our Nurture group is a small, special group for between to 6-8 children that provides a safe and predictable, structured environment in which children are given opportunities to develop their social skills, self-confidence and self-esteem. It is also a space where children can explore their feelings and learn how to manage them in appropriate ways, in a place where they feel valued and accepted. Children are supported in the group by two specially trained members of staff. They model positive relationships and there is an emphasis on the development of language and communication skills.   
  • Children are identified for our Attention & Listening and Speech & Language groups via there Welcomm assessment which takes place in the first half term of a child joining us.  They consist of short, fun activities with a trained practitioner who individualises support that is identified on their individual assessment.  
  • When children demonstrate a solid foundation in Literacy and Mathematics, they will participate in small group focussed activities to provide stretch and challenge.  
  • Our forest school programme allows children the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature . The nature area at St Mary’s Primary School provides a unique environment for children to explore risk taking, problem solving and the natural world first hand.  
  • We provide many opportunities for first hand learning including Living Eggs, Visiting farm, the life cycle of a butterfly, visits to the church etc. The quality and variety of first-hand experiences and interactions a child is exposed to in the early years can create a lasting impact in the child’s life. 
  • Tenterfield develops strong links with our local schools, library and village community. It helps them to learn about themselves, their locality and build on their cultural capital.