Category: curriculum overview

Interventions & Enhancements  

Teacher assessment is used to notice gaps in learning and identify children who may benefit from additional intervention. Appropriate activities and learning experiences will be provided to ensure sequencing and progression is matched to individual’s needs. Our interventions include our nurture provision, Speech & Language groups and attention & listening groups.   Our Nurture group is a small, …

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When children leave Tenterfield, they have experienced an enriched, ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum in a well-structured, safe, active and challenging learning environment, both indoors and outdoors.   All children have experienced an individualised curriculum that provides, exciting and enriching learning experiences and opportunities for children to learn through first hand experiences.   Children learn about the world around them, experiencing and appreciating different cultures, music, dance, art and history.  …

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Prior to starting at Tenterfield  We understand that starting nursery is a big step for both the children and their parents, therefore we have a solid transition programme prior to children beginning their Tenterfield learning journey with us. This includes:  Admissions paperwork includes key information about the child, their family and any medical, allergy or dietary requirements.  If a child has …

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